Netflix Suggestions Not Doing It for You? Try These

Despite no longer being the leading streaming platform, Netflix still has its fair share of content to choose from. That’s all fine and dandy, but you’re probably getting bored of seeing all the same things in your recommendation feed. Not that it’s broken or anything. It suggests stuff you might like based on various factors, such as your watch history, ratings you’ve given, devices you use, and more

Funnily enough, these fine-tuned recommendations are what’s keeping you from discovering new things you might be interested in. Try to browse the main page instead, and you quickly get lost in the sheer number of options. If only Netflix had a better way to find content that fits the mood when you want to pass the time for a while.

And no, “Exciting Movies” isn’t a genre, Netflix. Well, it turns out they do – some hidden codes that add a bit more depth to the existing Netflix genre categories. Now, the only problem is they don’t advertise this anywhere. Fortunately, finding the hidden Netflix codes is as easy as clicking the link and scrolling down.