6 Reasons to Stop Sleeping on Your Right Side or Stomach

Most of us sleep on our stomach or on the right side. But that is not the right thing to do when you are trying to avoid back pain heartburn and many other issues that are unavoidable if you are sleeping on the stomach or the right side. You may feel that these postures are comfortable and enjoy sleeping in these postures, but in reality, this can be not the best decision to make.

We are listing down some of the reasons to avoid sleeping on your stomach or the right side. Some of the health factors and body issues can be related to sleeping on the wrong side or sleeping on your belly. Some of the difficulties that can arise if you sleep on the wrong side.


1. It can cause facial wrinkles.

Either you are sleeping on your stomach or the side, there is no way you can avoid sleeping on the side of your face. This posture is a significant cause of wrinkles on the face of most people will stop the increased pressure on the face increases the wrinkles.

It’s better to:
The best solution is to sleep on your back to avoid any wrinkles and pressure on your face. This way, your pose will be able to breathe properly without any pressure.


2. It causes heartburn.

When you are lying or sleeping on the right side of the stomach you can come across a problem or a disease called Gastroesophageal reflux disease, also known as GERD. There is the acid in the stomach, and disease happens when the stomach is unable to control the contents in the stomach. The valves that are present in the stomach prevent the acid from going back into the stomach from the esophagus. However, when you are lying on the right side of the back, the acid can go back to the bottom of the esophagus and can cause distress and bad breath as well. You will come across the problem of heartburn and chest pain as well.

It’s better to:

To avoid this predicament, you should sleep on the left side. Most people who already have this problem can face a severe issue if they continue to sleep on the right side. So, it is better to sleep in a proper position that is left side of the body. This way, the food stays in the stomach and not leak to the esophagus. To avoid the acid from leaking on to the other parts or if you need to maintain a sleeping position that is perfect for your body.


3. It can cause chronic neck problems.

While you are sleeping on the stomach it seems almost impossible to breathe. So, you have to test your head either to the right side or to the left side to keep breathing. When you twist your head to the side while you are sleeping on your stomach this can cause chronic neck problems and pain in your neck while you are sleeping for a more extended period in the same position. It can cause prolonged chronic neck problems and pain. It is because our spine has discs, and while you are sleeping on your back with the twisted neck, the alignment is not natural and can cause a herniated disc. With the damage of the gelatinous parts of the disc, the chronic pain can stay a lot longer.

It’s better to:
The best and easiest solution is to sleep on your back. It is the best solution that doctors give to all the patients going through chronic pain in the spine and Arthritis patients as well. You can add a pillow under the neck and under your arms to sleep correctly and comfortably. While you add a pillow under your arms, you relieve your neck from the weight and the pressure.


4. It can put extra pressure on the baby.

If you are about to be a Mom, you need to be extra careful of the dangers and the problems that can arise from the sleeping posture. If you are used to sleeping on the stomach you need to make sure that you are not sleeping like that while you are pregnant. It will not only affect your baby but also so dangerous for you as well. The increased weight in the stomach can cause back pain for you, and the baby will not be able to move because of the Limited space. This elevated pressure can be dangerous for the baby as there will be limited space to move because of the squeezed space between the bed and your stomach.

It’s better to:
All the mothers who are about to give birth to a baby should sleep on the left side. It is the ideal position for most mums as there is a maximum flow of Oxygen, and blood flow increases as well.


5. It is bad for your spine and back.

When you sleep on your stomach or the right side of the body, your body is not in the natural position, and this might cause back pain and can cause numbness in the spine. According to the experts, you need to make sure that while sleeping, you maintain a posture that is natural so that all the weight not concentrated on a particular part or region of the body that can cause back pain and problems for the spine.

It’s better to:
If you want to adjust the sleeping position, you need to improve your posture as well in which your spine naturally so to avoid the back pain.

If you are not sleeping in the best posture, you place two pillows, one under your head and the second one under your pelvis to provide support to the back and spine. If you are sleeping on the side, place a pillow under your head and your legs to provide support.


6. It adds unnecessary pressure on your breasts and can cause problems.

When you are sleeping on the stomach there is unnecessary pressure on your breast, and while sleeping on the side, it can cause sagging breast. So, you need to make sure that you are opting for the best sleeping position.

It’s better to:

You can try to sleep on your back to make sure that your breast is relaxed, and there is no extra pressure.

Bonus: Achieve greater heart health by sleeping on your left side.

Sleeping on the left side can be fruitful for your body and the blood circulation as well. It helps with the smooth pumping of the heart and the efficient circulation of blood.

Sleeping is a vital act that makes our body function properly. While you are trying to sleep, make sure you sleep in a posture that is efficient for your body.